Working Off-Line

The working off-line function is designed to enable users to check out individual tags and then perform calibrations without having to be on site and connected to the database. When the tags are checked back in the database is then automatically updated with the results of any calibrations which have been performed in off-line mode.

Checking Out a Tag

To check out a tag select the desired tag from the left hand panel and then click on the Work Off-line ribbon and click on the Check Out button.

Now that the tag is checked out no tests under its hierarchy can be edited and calibrations can not be performed on them by another user until the tag is checked back in or unlocked. Any checked out tags will appear green. Note multiple tags can be checked out at the same time.

Working Off-line

To work off-line click on the Work Offline button.

A dialogue box to confirm the action. Once this is action is confirmed only checked out tags will be available to work on in KIMS.

The computer no longer has to be connected to the database to perform tests on these tags.

When working offline, the only tags available to you will be the tags that were “checked out” before going “Offline”.

Switching to Online Mode

Once any off-line calibration tests have been completed, KIMS can be switched back to Online mode. To do this the computer must be connected to the database. To return to online mode clck on the Work Online button on the Work Off-line ribbon.

Checking in a Tag

To check in a tag click on the tag to be checked in and click on Check In on the Work Off-line ribbon.

Once the tag is checked in it will no longer be green and will show up as normal. All calibrations performed whilst off-line will be automatically saved onto the database and will be viewable in the calibration history.

Unlocking a Tag

To unlock a tag select the appropriate tag and the click on the Unlock button on the Work Off-line ribbon.

Only unlock a tag if you know that the user who checked it out will not need to check in calibration data, because if you unlock the tag any offline calibrations performed cannot be checked back in.