C299 – ISO 8222 Annex A – Density of Water


This calculates the density of water according to the calculation laid out in Annex A of ISO 8222.


ISO 8222 – Petroleum measurement systems – Calibration – Temperature corrections for use when calibrating volume proving tanks

Kelton calculation reference C299

FLOCALC calculation reference F097

KIMS calculation reference K230


Water Choice

  • Air free water
  • Air saturated water

This option is used to select whether the correction for air saturated water is made or not.


Density of Air-Free Water

The density of air-free water is calculated by:

ρ0 = 999.97358 (Maximum density of water (at t0))
t0 = 3.9818°C
A = 7.0134 x 10-8 °C-1
B = 7.926504 x 10-6 °C-2
C = -7.575677 x 10-8 °C-3
D = 7.314894 x 10-10 °C-4
E = -3.596458 x 10-12 °C-5

Correction for Air-Saturated Water

The correction for air-saturated water is:

This is then added onto the density of air free water to give the density for air saturated water.