C258 – Gas Relative Density Calculation – Solartron


This calculates transducer constants K0 and K2 with the option of performing a cross check on the density calculation.


Solartron NT3096 Specific Gravity Transducer Technical Manual Part No 30960015 Issue 5 August 1984

Kelton calculation reference C258

FLOCALC calculation reference F061

KIMS calculation reference K204


Solve For

  • Transducer constants
  • Relative density

If Relative density is selected the following option box will appear

Transducer Constants

  • User Entered
  • Calculated

Select options depending on what needs to be calculated.


Transducer Constants

The transducer constants are calculated by:

RDx = Relative density of calibration gas x
RDy = Relative density of calibration gas y
τx = Periodic time associated with calibration gas x
τy = Periodic timeassociated with calibration gas y

Relative Density

The relative density is calculated by:

K0 & K2 = Transducer constants
τ = Periodic time associated with the measured gas