C195 – AP09-600 – Flow Rate Calculation (Compensation Method)


This calculation is used to calculate flow rate using a choice of algorithms commonly used by distributed control systems (DCS).


Honeywell – Advanced Process Manager Control Functions and Algorithms – AP09-600

Kelton calculation reference C195

FLOCALC calculation reference F052

KIMS calculation reference K195


Primary Variable

  • Mass
  • Volume
  • Energy

Select option based on desired flow parameter.

Input Method

  • Linear Value
  • % Linear
  • % Square root

Select option based on whether the uncompensated flowrate is a linear or square rooted term.

Calculation Method

  • A: Liquids
  • B: Gasses and Vapours
  • C: Gasses and Vapours with Specific Gravity
  • D: Volumetric Flow of Gasses and Vapours
  • E: Steam

Select option based on properties of the measured fluid.


Flow compensation term

The flow compensation term is calculated by:

A, B, C, D, E = Refer to the calculation method for which the formula is employed
G = Specific gravity
RG = Design Specific gravity
P = Pressure
RP = Design Pressure
T = Temperature
RT = Design Temperature
X = Steam Compressibility
RX = Design Steam Compressibility
Q = Steam Quality Factor
RQ = Design Steam Quality Factor

Note: If input method is linear square root is not necessary.

Compensated flow rate

The flow rate is calculated by:

C = Scale Factor
C1 = 1st correction constant
C2 = 2nd correction constant
F = Uncompensated flow input
COMPTERM = Flow compensation term