C153 – Totalisation – User Entered Flowrate


This calculates the total from a user entered flow rate.


Kelton calculation reference C153

KIMS calculation reference K113



  • Volume
  • Mass
  • Standard Volume
  • Normal Volume
  • Energy

This option allows selection of the types of flow rate to be totalised.

Enter elapsed times as

  • Duration
  • Start and end time

This option is used to select a method of entering the elapsed.


  • Use start and end totals

This option is used to input 2 totals and find the incremental total between the start and end totals.


Calculate the elapsed time

If start and end time is selected for the time input:

te = The time at the end of the test
ts = The time at the start of the test

Calculate the total

The total is calculated by multiplying the flow rate by the duration

t = Duration
q = Flow rate

Note: The units will correspond to the flow rate, for example a mass value will be returned for a mass flow rate and a volume returned for a volume flow rate.