C143 – Flow Totalisation – Analogue Input


This carries out the flow rate and totals given an analogue input.


Kelton calculation reference C143

KIMS calculation reference K128


Analogue Input

  • Current
  • Voltage

This option is chosen to indicate whether the input is a current or a voltage.

Flow Rate

  • Mass
  • Volume
  • Standard Volume

This option is used to select the type of flow rate required for output.

Measure Input as Current/Voltage

  • No
  • Yes

This option allows a current/voltage reading to be input with a resistance, the range will use voltage/current(s).

Enter elapsed time as

  • Duration
  • Start and end time

This option gives a choice of entering time as a duration or as the start and end time in date time format.


Flow Rate

The flow rate is calculated by:

In = Analogue input (current or voltage input)
Inmin = Lower range of analogue input
Inmax = Upper range of analogue input
FRmin = Lower range of flow rate
FRmax = Upper range of flow rate


The totals are calculated as in C203 – Totalisation conversion using the output of the above equation and the elapsed time.