C014 – AGA 8:1994/ISO 12213-1:1997 Gas Density Computation


The compressibility and density of a gas are calculated from its composition, temperature and pressure in accordance with the ‘Detail Characterisation’ method outlined in this standard. Results are displayed for both standard (user configurable) temperature and pressure and operating temperature and pressure. This 1994 printing of the Second Edition 1992 achieves computational consistency with GPA 2172-94 and AGA 3 1992.


AGA Report No. 8 – Compressibility Factors of Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Gases (1994)

FLOCALC Calculation reference F014

KCCL calculation reference C014

KCCL calculation reference C156


Add neo-Pentane to

  • iPentane
  • nPentane

This option is used to select which component the neo-pentane mole fraction is added to since it is not explicitly handled by AGA Report no. 8.


This performs the calculations from C156 when set for the 1994 Version of the standard.