Adding Dynamic Uncertainty Calculations

A new uncertainty calculation can be added to a tag by expanding the tree in the left hand pane, selecting the tag and either clicking the New Calculation button on the toolbar or right-clicking the tag and choosing Add Uncertainty Calculation

A list of the licenced Dynamic Uncertainty calculations will be displayed ordered into groups.

Click the calculation you would like to add; you can edit the title of the calculation in the box above the list if you so wish.

The first page of the calculations shows the inputs and options which are used throughout the calculation. these will typically be process variables such as pressure and temperature.

The units for each input can be changed to match your system or preference.

Each input can either be a fixed value or configured to cone from an OPC tag which has been configured in Link Admin.

When setting inputs to take values from OPC tags they can be tested by clicking the Read OPC Tags button on the toolbar.

This will pull the live values into the input boxes

Other tabs within the Dynamic Uncertainty modules are Blocks to calculate the uncertainty in the components which feed into the main uncertainty. such as the measurement of pressure shown below:

Each block has an input section where the parameters can either be fixed or linked to OPC tags in the same way as the inputs on the Input/Output tab.

The uncertainty for each block is calculated using the standard process described in the ISO Guide to Uncertainty in Measurement

The output of an Dynamic Uncertainty module can be linked to an OPC tag by clicking the OPC button next the output parameter.

This will open a dialogue box where you can select the Value, the Absolute Uncertainty or the Relative Uncertainty.