UN-501 – Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Calculates the uncertainty in mass and standard volume flowrate for a water electromagnetic flow meter.


The General tab is used to enter information, which is saved along with the uncertainty calculation and included in reports which are generated.

The tabs used for inputting data and calculating the uncertainty in the individual components of the uncertainty can be seen along the top of the module window.

The report tab is only visible once the calculation has been run and will not be visible if any parameters are changed until the calculation has been run once more.

Input/ Output


Flow velocity – Enter velocity of the flow passing through the water electromagnetic meter.

Water density – Enter the density of water.

Uncertainty in water density – Enter the uncertainty in the water density.


The outputs section shows the uncertainty of the calculated volume and mass flow rate taken from the water electromagnetic flow meter tab.

Calculation Blocks

The following block is used within this uncertainty module:

Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter