Logging Events

To log an event click on the “Log Event” button on the “Home” ribbon.

The Event Tab

The location is where the event is logged. Choose where you want the event to be logged in the left hand pane by selecting any system section or tag created in FM²P.net.

Then choose from any event types which have been configured for your system on the right hand pane. There are not only the default types under “K-LOG” group but also any you’ve created (here we have “Test – Stream On-Line”).

The Data Tab

The date and time will default to the current (computer) date and time but these can be changed to the time the event occurred if different. Both the event date/time and the date/time the event was logged are recorded.

You will then need to input values for the required parameters (set during configuration).

You can also add any relevant attachments to the event by clicking on the “Add” button and then browsing your computer files for the file you wish to upload.

The Log Entry Tab

This tab contains an event summary and space for any extra comments you may wish to add.