If FLOCALC is licenced as part of an FM²P.net system which included K-LINK it is possible to perform a calculation using valued which are read electronically from an OPC Tags and write calculated values back to OPC tags. To use this functionality FLOCALC must be launched from within FM²P.

Enabling OPC

To enable OPC for a calculation check the OPC Enabled check-box:

Set up OPC inputs

By default the inputs will be user entered; by clicking on the box which displays the text User Entered you can browse to OPC sources which have been set up in K-Link.


Reading from OPC

To read values from the OPC tags click the Set OPC Inputs button on the Calculation ribbon. This will read the value from the OPC tag once; if the values on the OPC tags change the FLOCALC calculation will not be updated unless the Set OPC inputs button is clicked again.

Writing to OPC

Calculated outputs and Intermediates can be written to OPC tags by linking to the OPC tag (in the same way as the inputs were linked and then clicking on the Set OPC Outputs button on the Calculation ribbon.


In this example the fast-loop pressure and temperature were read from OPC tags along with the measured density. Values for the Cpl, Ctl and standard density were calculated by FLOCALC and written back to the appropriate OPC tags.