C265 – AGA 10:2003 – Velocity of Sound/Isentropic Exponent


This calculates the speed of sound, isentropic exponent and other physical properties of a natural gas composition at flowing temperature and pressure conditions.


AGA Report No. 10 – Speed of Sound in Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Gases (2003)

AGA Report No. 8 – Compressibility Factors of Natural Gas and Other Hydrocarbon Gases

Kelton calculation reference C265

FLOCALC calculation reference F092

KIMS calculation reference K140

Kelton calculation C156 – AGA 8 – Gas Density Computation


This calculation has no options. The inputs are set as the temperature and pressure at base and flowing conditions and the gas composition.


Speed of Sound

The speed of sound is calculated from the formula:

Isentropic Exponent

The isentropic exponent is calculated by: