C156 – AGA8 1985/94 – Gas Density and Compressibility


Calculates the density and compressibility of a gas composition at base and line conditions.


KIMS calculation reference K141

FLOCALC calculation reference F013

FLOCALC calculation reference F014

Kelton calculation reference C156



  • 1985

The calculation is performed in accordance with AGA8 – 1985.

  • 1994

The calculation is performed in accordance with AGA8 – 1994.

Add neo-Pentane to

  • iPentane
  • nPentane

This option is used to select which component the neo-pentane mole fraction is added to since it is not explicitly handled by AGA Report no. 8.


AGA8 – 1985/1994 is calculated to the requirements of the international standard issued in 1985/1994 by the American Gas Association Transmission Measurement Committee.

Density and Compressibility Factor are calculated in accordance with the Detail Characterisation method within this standard.

Note: The list of inputs contains neoPentane a component not included in the AGA 8 report. The convention of adding this value to the iPentane during normalisation is adopted by this calculation, a practice commonly used in flow computers.